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Frequently Asked Questions

Recording / Official Records FAQ's

What does Recording Services do?
The Clerk of the Circuit Court, as the Official County Recorder, accepts documents for recordation in the Official Records of Highlands County. Documents are reviewed by deputy clerks for recordability prior to recording in the Official Records.

What type of documents do you record?
Recording Services records deeds, mortgages, liens, military discharges, judgments, certified copies of judgments, leases, agreements and other documents that are authorized or required by law to be recorded.

Can any document be recorded in the official records?
No. The Clerk of Circuit Court can only record those documents that are authorized or required by law to be recorded.

How does my document get recorded?
When your document is received in Recording Services, a deputy clerk will review the document to determine if it meets the statutory recording requirements. The appropriate fees will be calculated and collected. The document will be assigned an instrument number, official records book and page number, and the date and time of recording. The document will be indexed, microfilmed and scanned (placed on the internet) and will be officially recorded in the Official Records of Highlands County. Your document is then returned to you by mail within 1 to 2 weeks.

What will I find in the official records?
A microfilmed copy of all recorded documents. Also, most official record images are available on the internet from 1983 through current date. They can be viewed on our web site on the Search Official Records page.

What is the earliest date of the official records on file?
The Official Records begin in 1921 when Highlands became a County and are carried to the present date.

Once a document is recorded, how soon does it appear in the official records?
When a document is recorded, the information will normally appear on the computer index and will be available for viewing on the microfilm or the internet within 24 to 48 hours. The actual image of the document will be available for viewing on the internet normally within 3 to 5 days.

How much information is available on the computer?
The computer carries the index of recorded documents from January 1, 1983 through the present date. It includes the names of the parties, the type of document, the location of the document (OR Book and Page number), the date of recording, and the legal description, if provided, and the image of all pages contained in the document.

How can I order a certified copy of a document from the official records?
To obtain a certified copy of a document recorded in the Official Records you may either mail your request, along with a check for the appropriate fees, i.e., $1.00 per page and $2.00 per document for a certified fee, made payable to the Clerk of Court, Attn: Recording. 590 S. Commerce Avenue, Sebring, Florida, 33870 OR you may request this information through and pay the appropriate fees with a credit card. Depending on the method you choose, you should receive your document within 2 to 7 working days.

What else is located in the recording services office?
The real estate subdivision plat books and tax rolls for Highlands County.