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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic FAQ's

What is the Traffic Division's mailing address?
590 S. Commerce Ave. Sebring, FL 33870 - express mail deliveries 430 S. Commerce Ave., Room 3, Sebring, FL 33870

If I receive a ticket, when is it due?
Normally 30 calendar days from the issue date of the ticket unless otherwise indicated.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes. We are able to accept all major credit cards.

How many points will this put on my license?
Contact DHSMV directly for this information.

Can I pay my Highlands County ticket in another county?
Tickets cannot be paid in another county. All tickets must be paid in person or by mail to the Highlands County Clerk of Courts.

Can I get an extension to pay my ticket?
Only the Judge can grant you an extension. You must come in, prior to the ticket due date, to fill out the necessary paperwork requesting an extension.

Why is my license suspended?
Contact DHSMV directly for this information.

Where are driving schools located?
Several driving schools are available throughout the county. Please check your local telephone directory.

Where are you located and what time do you open?
Our office is located at 430 S. Commerce Ave, Room 3 Courthouse Basement, Sebring, FL 38370 and we are open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Can I pay for a ticket in Highlands County if I received it in another county?
You cannot pay for a ticket in Highlands County if it was issued in another county. Tickets must be paid in the county that issued the ticket.

Do you have a Spanish interpreter?
We have a Spanish interpreter in our offices.