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Services available in the Probate Division (Room 102-Courthouse)


Guardianship is a legal arrangement under which a person (the guardian) has the legal right and duty to care for another (the ward) and manage the property and asset of another. There are various types of guardianships. An attorney can assist you in determining what type, if any, is needed.

All guardianship matters in the State of Florida require an attorney pursuant to Florida Probate Rule 5.030.

 An individual, through his/her attorney, may file for a guardian to be appointed for:

      an adult person when they believe that person is not mentally

      capable of taking care of himself or herself

      an adult person on their own behalf may file a voluntary guardianship

      when they may be physically unable to manage their property


An individual can be appointed as guardian of:

            the person only

            property only

            person and property

            in a limited (partial rights removed)

            plenary capacity (total rights removed)

Guardianships are filed on behalf of:


             incapacitated persons

             voluntary wards

             developmentally disabled individuals, pursuant to Florida Statues Chapter 393

             Guardian Advocate Form

If you suspect fraud, waste or abuse of elderly, minor children and incapacitated individuals in a guardianship, please call the fraud department at (863) 402-6578.

If you suspect abuse, please contact:

Florida Department of Children and Families

1 (800) 96-ABUSE (962-2873)

TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) 1 (800) 453-5145

FAX: 1 (800) 914-0004

    Jerome Kaszubowski, Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller

    Probate Division

    590 South Commerce Avenue

    Sebring, Florida 33870