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Highlands County Teen Court

Highlands County Teen Court was first conceived and established in 1996. 

Its purposes were to provide a more positive and effective alternative to an increasingly inadequate and ineffective juvenile justice system and to help combat the growing epidemic of juvenile crime and violence within the community. 

Teen Court spread to Florida in 1991 when Manatee County first implemented the program.

Highlands County's very own Teen Court was started in 1996 by the Honorable L.E. "Luke" Brooker, Clerk of Court, with the cooperation and encouragement of the Tenth Judicial Circuit State Attorney's office, local bar association, local law enforcement, Department of Juvenile Justice, Highlands County School Board, and resident Chief Judge of Tenth Circuit, the Honorable J. David Langford. 

Clerk Kaszubowski fully supports the Highlands County VIRTUAL Teen Court program.

To volunteer for Teen Court, return the completed Volunteer Information Form to the Highlands County Courthouse at the address on the pamphlet, or email it to